Interactive production with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in computer games and many XR tools for many years. Today, however, we can go a step further, we can talk to or be entertained by AI. With our customers, we develop real-time environments and experiences that are used in education, or consulting situations where customers can learn about specific topics. In the future, AI-supported 3D worlds will also help in the training sector and in education to make learning exciting, interesting and individualized.

AI as a real estate agent

A great 3D visualisation of a flat only becomes really exciting when someone can answer all the questions directly. Our estate agent Dannie is of course happy to do this. 24 hours a day, whenever the customer needs advice.

Dannie is our AI broker

Dannie was trained on the data of the apartment and sells the advantages of the property with surprising and quick-witted sayings.

Babylon Rising Again

A past world, digitally reconstructed and made accessible as an interactive real-time environment. The complex background is explained by an AI game character. Thus, the user can ask all questions and receive detailed explanations in direct conversation with the AI.

The Ishtar Gate of Babylon

Oskar is the AI character specially trained for this digital reconstruction. With background information from over 100 years of excavation documentation as well as photos and illustrations, Oksar can answer the user's questions about the historical site one-to-one.

Consulting with artificial intelligence

Be available 24 hours a day to answer customer questions. Establish direct communication with the customer and forward the important questions and requests. This is what AI offers us.

The system house

Broadcast technology is complex. Many different topics come together here. Why not get advice from an AI figure.