Customized tools for your production

Many tasks in media production recur again and again and require a structured and sustainable workup. Wurzer Digital offers the creation of customized tools to face the challenges of everyday production more calmly. From stand-alone Windows applications to databases, all necessary steps are tailored to the customer in a user-friendly software solution.


The integration of social media data into a TV production is a constant challenge due to the permanent development of social media platforms. All relevant data of a message must be completely captured and presented transparently for the editorial team. I+S Tv is a development of Wurzer Digital to organize this process as transparent and easy as possible. The software enables the collection and evaluation of social media data. Afterwards, the data selected for a broadcast can be quickly integrated into a broadcast production environment.

Scenograph AR

Scenograph AR is a tool that enables virtual scenography through the use of augmented reality technology. Scenograph AR is a development of Wurzer Digital to place virtual three-dimensional objects in real space which can then be adapted by directors, scenographers, camera operators for their set planning. This way, important equipment elements can be tested in a location in a short time.