Virtual Set Production

Today, the virtual studio is one of the established production and design options that combine cost efficiency and creativity. The flexibility of the virtual set allows e.g. the production of different TV magazines in one studio on the same day. The interactivity is indispensable for news, business and election broadcasts. Virtual studio design is also part of Wurzer Digital's service portfolio, in addition to the technical implementation of virtual environments. Wurzer Digital has been working in this field for TV broadcasters and system developers for more than 16 years, providing training and production for various clients (RTLNord / Studio Hamburg / CBC / REDE Globo / Foxtel Australia and many others).

Virtual Set Design

Information and news magazine as a virtual studio. Highend realtime graphics for Avid , VizRT or similar graphics systems.

Explanatory graphics for ZDF heute Nachrichten

Explainer piece about the Mars curiosity Rover (© ZDF)

ZDF Mittagsmagazin

Explanatory piece on the subject of North Pole exploration by Scott and Amundsen (© ZDF)